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Welcome to Apool Cardano stake pool

How to delegate
To delegate your ADA to APOOL stake pool and earn rewards, you need to hold your ADA in one of the supported wallets. The delegation process is easy from inside the wallet and there is no minimum amount, no lock period, but you can add or remove your ADA as you would normally do with your wallet. You ADA never leaves your wallet.

Stacking with APOOL
By staking your ADA you earn ADA rewards into your wallet, but you also participate in validation of transactions on Cardano network and contribute to overall security of the network. To start staking, go to staking dashboard inside your ADA wallet, choose APOOL and delegate.

Your maximized rewards
Apool operates with only 3% margin cost (97% your reward). The pools have margin costs to ensure that the pool is running on the latest hardware and software. Such stable pool will provide you with more return than pools with poor performance.

How to stake with APOOL

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